2021 Salaat-ul-Taraweeh

ISLC will follow the guidelines per CDC and State strictly and may change the duration or
timing or continuation as per the Covid 19 situation in the state and city.
1‐ Please bring your own masks and prayers rugs.
2‐ Maintain 6 feet distance and stand on the marks made on Prayer carpet . If you are
from same household then can stand together.
3‐ If you are sick, having fever or cough or sneezing or diarrhea or taking medication
which suppress your body immune system, then please don’t attend the Taraweeh .
4‐ Women are welcome in their designated area if they wish to attend the Taraweeh .
5‐ Please no young children are allowed as due to Hurricane damage, currently we have
no safe room for young kids to play.
6‐ If you have decided not to take Covid 19 vaccine so far , it is highly recommended not
to attend mass gathering .
7‐ There will be no Food for Iftar this year.
8‐ Follow the Jamaat times as per modified Ramadan schedule.
9‐ Quran and Islamic teaching classes will be conducted as per schedule announced
separately and ISLC strongly encourage attending them along with your kids to benefit
from our highly qualified Imam Mukhtar.
10‐ Moon sightings committee will convene on 4/12/2021 and if Ramadan Moon is
sighted, then first Taraweeh will be on Monday 4/12/2021.